IT环境往往是部署多个存储基础设施,以适应不同类型的数据,实现各自的服务水平。分散的盒直接连接存储(DAS),存储区域网络(SAN)和网络附加存储(NAS)的配置,导致贫困的利用和管理复杂。普安EonNAS同时提供文件和基于块的应用程序与一个统一的存储平台。与易管理,高可用性,灵活的可扩展性和竞争力的价格 /性能,EonNAS系统帮助中小型企业有效满足多样化和不断变化的数据的需求,同时保持严格的预算之内。

IT environments are often deployed with multiple storage infrastructures to accommodate for various types of data and achieve respective service levels. The scattered boxes for direct-attached storage (DAS), storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) configurations lead to poor utilization and complicated management. Infortrend EonNAS simultaneously serves file and block-based applications with a unified storage platform. With easy management, high availability, flexible scalability and competitive price/performance, EonNAS systems help small and medium sized businesses effectively meet diverse and changing data demands while staying within stringent budgets.


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